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Cambodia Induction Trip

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Cambodia Induction Trip


The Cambodia Induction Trip is not the same as an international project. This three-night, four-day trip, will immerse you in the culture and let you experience life as a Cambodian would.

This trip occurs in February every year, three days prior to the Cambodia international project. The trip begins in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Here you will stay in luxury hotel accommodation, for three nights. On day one our group will visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Killing fields before lunching at a local restaurant that has ethical and sustainable goals listed as their values. After lunch, we will travel to an organisation that houses and educate young children.

I’ll tour the local slum community and see how the locals live. We will be providing free haircuts for the children in care in this location, and we will be handing out gifts. That evening will be a cultural explosion of taste and dance while we enjoy dinner that has been prepared by a world-renowned chef.

The next day we will be visiting Handicraft rooms and speaking with the workers who have been rescued from the sex slave gangs or drug runners. You’ll have an opportunity to buy the goods they have personally made.

We will also be visiting a jewellery factory and hearing the story of how their work supports those that have been rescued from a life, less desired. From there we will be attending our location and receiving a Mock blessing, from a practicing Monk.

We will partake in a water ceremony and a flower ceremony, before being individually blessed. After our blessing, we move on to lunch at a local restaurant that once again supports people that are learning a trade in hospitality. We will then be attending a local dance school and learning traditional dance. Traditional musical instruments will be played, and artwork by displaced individuals can be viewed, while they are creating these masterpieces. We have a special dining in the dark experience that night, which is unique to Cambodia, with very special waiters and hospitality staff.

The next morning, the final day of the induction trip, we fly to Siem Reap. Our final day of the trip includes visiting the local markets, partaking in a spa session, and lunch at a rooftop restaurant. For those that are joining our Hair Aid project immediately after the induction trip, they will join the rest of the team in Siem Reap.

For those that are not continuing on with the Hair Aid project, the Cambodia induction trip is finished, and private travel commences.

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