Global Cut-A-Thon


Thank you for deciding to participate in the 2024 Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon!

You will be joining hundreds of others from around the world in helping to transform the world, one haircut at a time. On 1st August 2024, we will raise awareness and finances to allow Hair Aid to continue its crucial job.

Not only will you be a part of an exciting global campaign raising cash for the critical work that Hair Aid performs, but you will also be entered to win a trip to Indonesia with Hair Aid! This prize is worth more than $AUD3,500 and includes project expenditures and airfare.

Imagine going to Indonesia and teaching individuals in need how to cut hair—people living in extreme poverty, men and women in prison, or people rescued from the sex trade or drug lords. Consider how life-changing that is for both them and you.

Now is your chance to get involved with this effort by taking part in the 2024 Hair Aid Global Cut-a-Thon.

We are excited to support you and see you participate.

Our staff will give you advice, suggestions, action plans, and step-by-step directions on how to organise the Cut-A-Thon and share it with your local community and supporters, all of whom will want to celebrate your participation.

Thank you so much for signing up; we look forwards to welcoming you to the Hair Aid family!