Overview of the Hair Aid International Projects

 If you haven’t yet been on a project, let me share what we do!

Our international projects are where volunteer hairdressers, nail technicians and other passionate volunteers (like you!), join us in teaching slum and street people in developing countries how to cut hair, and do manicures and pedicures.

These people are living in critical poverty and have no access to skill training, nor any money to do training even if they were able to. 

Hair Aid has developed a five-day training plan that trained more than 5,500 people with great success! Each project is five days long and runs Monday to Friday.  ​

Once this skill is learned the people Hair Aid has trained can create their own micro-business, immediately earning money to support themselves and their families. Hair Aid gifts each of our trainees scissor tool kits, and/or a manicure tool kit, (depending on which skill they learned) so they can begin earning money straight away with the skills they’ve been taught. 

​Below is a list of the countries we volunteer in – and the cost. These costs covers seven nights accommodation and other associated costs of the project (team uniforms, on the ground transport during the project, logistics, project insurance, administration, community fees, translator costs, local/in-country staff expenses/transportation/uniform expenses, location inspections, government paperwork requirements, graduation celebration costs, resource purchases, COVID packs, team medical kit, and other project incidentals).

In addition to the project costs, you’ll need to book and pay for your own flights and pay for your own private medical insurance (mandatory), and your food and drink during the project. Food/drink usually $30 a day.  All other costs are included. **n.b. a slight increase in project costs has occurred due to an increase in our team insurance costs. This is the first cost increase since we began Hair Aid**

​Each volunteer raises their own costs to attend, and this can be done via fundraising, or you can choose to pay your own costs. If you are planning on fundraising, Hair Aid can send information with some ideas of what to do.

Philippines Manila Region 9th-13th January 2023 $AUD2,345 + flights

Cambodia Induction Trip 4th-7th May 2023 $AUD2,270 + flights

Cambodia 8th-12th May 2023 $AUD2,345 + flights

Indonesia (Bali) 15th -19th May 2023 $AUD2,345 + flights

Philippines Cebu Region 11th-15th September 2023 $AUD2,345 + flights

Indonesia (Bali)18th-22nd September 2023 $AUD2,117 + flights

Guatemala  18th - 22nd September 2023 $AUD2,300 + flights

We also have a once a year Cambodia Induction Trip $AUD2,270 + flights (see above). The induction Trip immerses you in the Cambodian culture, getting you ready to begin the full Hair Aid project the following week. **This is a 4 day, once a year event, held prior to the  Cambodia project and involves sightseeing, tour guides, orphanage visits, authentic Monk Blessing and water blessing and much more. Only 20 places are available on each induction trip.**

​So, that’s a little bit about the project locations, costs and activities.   

​For each project, you will be required to be there on Sunday before the project starts for training, and can leave any time after Friday at 5 pm.  You can also extend your stay if you wanted some personal travel time before or after the project.

​Hair Aid is always looking for volunteer hairdressers to come on these projects!  In fact, we can’t do it without you!    

If the projects aren’t for you right now, fill in your details here and this will keep you on the database, and stay connected on updates about new projects as these are planned.

Here’s a podcast that Tabatha Coffey and Selina, the CEO of Hair Aid, just did recently, if you got some time, please listen to it, it will tell you exactly where can expect on a  Hair Aid project.


If you would just like some more info, complete your details here or email selina@hairaid.org.au.