Overview of the Hair Aid International Projects

 Embark on a Transformative Journey with Hair Aid International Projects!

If you haven't yet participated in a project, allow us to enlighten you on what you can expect!
Hair Aid volunteers teach individuals living in severe poverty, basic hair-cutting skill training.
Hair Aid has meticulously crafted a five-day training agenda, which has already empowered over 6,300 individuals, steering them towards a path of self-reliance!
Hair Aid ardently seeks volunteer hairdressers for these projects – your participation is the linchpin to our endeavours! Indeed, the realisation of our projects hinges on your invaluable contribution.
Volunteer hairdressers, and nail technicians, (and other enthusiastic volunteers like teachers), will be teaching individuals residing in jails, or living in slums and streets communities the beginning skills of haircutting, manicures, and pedicures.
Each project spans five days, operating from Monday through Friday.
Upon mastering these skills, the trainees can start their own micro-business, immediately generating income to sustain themselves and their families. Hair Aid provides each trainee with either a scissor toolkit or a manicure toolkit (based on the skill they acquired), enabling them to commence earning instantly with their newfound skills.
Beyond the project expenses, you'll need to arrange and cover the costs of your flights, mandatory private medical insurance, and your meals and beverages during the project tenure. Typically, food and drink expenses amount to around $30 per day; all other costs are accounted for.
Each volunteer is responsible for raising and paying the necessary funds to partake in the project, which can be achieved through fundraising endeavours, or you may opt to cover your own costs. Should you choose the fundraising route, Hair Aid is here to provide informational resources and suggestions to kickstart your fundraising journey.
Below is a compilation of countries where we extend our volunteer services, along with the associated costs. The costs encompass seven nights' accommodation and various other project-related expenses such as team uniforms, in-project transportation, logistics, project insurance, administration fees, community charges, translation services, in-country staff expenditures, location inspections, governmental documentation, graduation ceremony costs, resource procurement, COVID-19 precautionary kits, team medical kit, and other incidental project expenses. Click on the links for more information about each country.

Philippines (Manilla) 5th - 9th Feb 2024 $AUD2,345.00 + flights

Indonesia (Bali) 19th - 23rd Feb 2024 $AUD2,117 + flights

Cambodia (Siem Reap) 8th - 12th July 2024 $AUD@2,270 + flights

Philippines (Cebu) 9th - 14th Sept 2024 $AUD2,345.00 + flights

Every project demands a preliminary orientation; which means your presence is required on the Sunday preceding the project's commencement for an essential training session. The project concludes on Friday, post which you are free to depart anytime after 5 PM. For those with a wanderlust spirit, there’s an option to extend your stay for personal exploration before or after the project’s tenure.

If embarking on a project isn’t aligning with your current circumstances right now, fret not. Fill in your details here and this will keep you on the database, and stay connected on updates about new projects as these are planned.

To listen to what it's like to be on a Hair Aid project, this episode of Elevated Stylist podcast is for you! Listen to Alannah Zilkowsky from Rock Paper Hair as she talks about her experience travelling to the Philippines to volunteer with Hair Aid, teaching women basic hair cutting skills so they can earn and income and support their families.
The link to listen is here - https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shop-talk-by-elevated-stylist/id1647414221?i=1000628004804
Thanks to @elevated_stylist for having this podcast and sharing the word about  Hair Aid.

If you would just like some more information about joining a Hair Aid International Project, complete your details here or email selina@hairaid.org.au