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Give the gift of a Scissor kit!


When we have finished training each trainee who has completed the full training and are competent in the five basic haircuts are gifted a hair cutting kit.

Each scissor kit contains1 pair of scissors, 4 x clips, 1 x comb and 1 x  cape all in a closed bag so that they have the tools to begin earning money immediately from hair cutting

Your donation of $50 buys one complete kit.

Change a life today, buy a kit!


Ed Sudaria was a trainee of Hair Aid and someone stole his tool kit.  The homeless man who was trained by Hair Aid last year... got his scissors stolen but undaunted, continued to do haircuts using a pair of kiddie scissors (see photo bottom left corner).  On a recent trip, he got a replacement for the scissors he lost. Ed is back to cutting hair, earning money, equipped with his Comfortel Cutting  Kit