Thailand March 2020

2nd-6th March 2020

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Congratulations on taking the step to find out more information about joining the Hair Aid Inc. Thailand Project 2nd-6th March 2020.

Here's the low down on the project

Dates: Project runs from 2nd-6th March 2020. You will need to be in Bangkok by noon Sunday 1st March 2020, for team and cultural training and then to travel to Pattaya. You can leave Pattaya after Friday 7pm 6th March 2020. Flights can be extended a few days if you want to stay longer. I’m advising that if you choose to fly the Friday night, make it a late flight as you won’t want to miss the graduation celebrations Friday and you need to leave time to get to the airport as well through traffic from Pattaya to Bangkok (3-4 hours).

Where: Training locations will be in and around Pattaya, Thailand, within an approximate daily taxi drive of 30 mins from our accommodation.  Volunteers will be in teams of 2-4 and will travel to locations daily as a group. 

Accommodation: The entire team stays together at the Ibis Hotel at Pattaya. Rooms are shared. If you want your own room an additional charge of $USD312 will need to be paid by you.

Who: Volunteer hairdressers/ barbers and beauticians and supporters, teaching people living in critical poverty how to cut hair and do manicure/pedicures.

Costs: AUD$2000 (USD $1,500approx)

Fundraising: Hair Aid Inc. is a registered charity with tax deductible status. Fundraising activities can be conducted to raise the costs of the project.  All types of fundraising can occur from crowdfunding, to events, to raffles! I can send you an overview of what I do to help get you started.

Payment Options: via credit card or PayPal. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due immediately at the time of invoice to secure your place on the project. 

You can then either pay in full OR to pay off your trip over time, select 'pay now' on the due dates. TFinal payments are due 21st September 2019, which is one month before the project start date

What is included: Six nights accommodation (starting Sunday night 20th October 2019), resource purchases, ground transport, project insurance, team tshirt & cap/hat, administration and logistics costs (project facilitation and management, project transportation, translators, graduation certificates, celebration cakes, location costs, hall hire, etc).

What is not covered: Flights, personal medical insurance (must have), food, drink/s, personal items, travel to/from airports at home town.

What we do there:

For those that fly in Saturday we meet together as a team, have a sightseeing day in Bangkok. We stay at Villa De Khoansan Saturday night (you are responsible for booking and paying for this hotel). 

Sunday, we wait for everyone that is flying in Sunday, then we do induction/cultural training, go over the training manual, over a lazy lunch.  We then travel to Pattaya Sunday afternoon in a minivan.  Once we check into the accommodation, location teams are formed, and resources are packed.  Volunteers are placed in teams of 2-4 and will travel to locations daily as a group. 

Monday morning, we eat breakfast as the accommodation and then teams travel to the training location and begin the five day training program. Every day a driver will take Hair Aid teams to and from the locations.  Monday morning we teach how to use hair cutting tools, head shapes, how to section hair and how to do a straight cut.  We work on live models.  We usually gain models from the local community, friends or family, and even workers in local businesses. By the end of the first day, the trainees should have cut 2 – 3 straight cuts. We finish training at 4pm each day. We take a break for lunch when it suits the trainees. 

On day 2, Tuesday, we teach how to diagonal forward and backward  and layers. Again, we train on live models, so that the trainees are learning on real live people. By Tuesday afternoon the trainees should have cut 2-3 more hair cuts. On

Wednesday we teach graduation/bob cut. 

Thursday is when we teach men’s cuts. This is a wonderful day as many people have gained great skills by now and they can confidently do 2 – 3 men’s cuts in a day!

On Friday we demonstrate a few different styles, encouraging the learners to see what they can achieve with more practice. Then we hold a celebration party, and everyone that has completed the training, and can do the haircuts gets a personal certificate from Hair Aid. They then also get a scissor kit, with scissors, clips, comb and a cape all in a closed bag so that they have the tools to begin earning money from hair cutting. We all travel back to the IBIS hotel, and enjoy our last debrief and evening meal together. Saturday morning we travel back to Bangkok.

So that’s a bit about the project! Please let me know if there’s any further information you require – happy to have a phone chat!


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Please let me know if there’s any further information you require – happy to have a phone chat!