Lynette Maguire

Dr. Lynette Maguire is the Chief Executive Officer of the charity, My Wedding Wish whose charter is to gift weddings to the terminally ill around Australia.  Lynette is a Director of three NFPs, is a JP Magistrate hearing cases at Maroochydore Magistrates Court, and is an Academic at University of Sunshine Coast teaching into the School of Communication and School of Health.   

Dr. Maguire is also the Executive Director and Foundation Chairman of young national health promotion charity, AAPAC.  The company’s object is to promote, educate, and facilitate research into health, health determinants, and healthy behaviors in vulnerable and marginalized populations including but not limited to the children, elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with certain medical conditions, behavioral health issues, and disabilities.  AAPAC conducts research, educates and promotes cutting edge health practices and impactors of vulnerable groups.  

As Chief Consultant to the Now Generation  Dr. Maguire leads the consultancy team specialising in generational changes from the traditionalist to the millennial generations and how these differences can impact volunteer uptake, workplace harmony, and the bottom line.  Other specialist topics include but are not limited to drugs and alcohol abuse, manipulative online behavior, violence, cyberbullying, suicidal, porn, sexting, self-image, and narcissism.   Now Generation offers workshops for businesses, NFPs, schools and community groups. 

About Lynette:

In 2015 Lynette graduated from the University of Sunshine Coast with her Doctorate with a thesis entitled “Is social media enabling an increase of narcissism and violence in teens?”  At graduation, Lynette has presented the highest award given to a graduating student: the Chancellor’s Medal. 

An awarded academic including 2019 nominated Community Leader Award, Sunshine Coast, 2017 nominated Inspiring Women’s Award, Fiona Simpson MP, nominated Australia Day Community Award, Sunshine Coast Council, Qld, 2016 nominated Advanced Quality Teaching Award, USC, 2015 Chancellor’s Medallist, University of Sunshine Coast, Qld, nominated Telstra Businesswoman of the Year,  Dean’s Commendation, University of Sunshine Coast, Qld, Awarded Australian Society of Authors Mentorship Program Lynette is also academically published.

Publications include: 2019, ‘Alcohol and other drugs’, Teaching Health and Physical Education in Early Childhood and the Primary Years, Oxford University Press, Vic. 2018, Selfies, sexting, savagery and suicide: Welcome to the era of narcissism, Qld. 2018, Lepidoptera, Qld (A teen novel addressing today’s relevant issues) 2016, ‘Is social networking increasing narcissism and violence in teens?’, Lambert Academic Publishers, Germany. 2016, ‘let’s talk life’ discussion cards, Now Generation, Qld    Living by the mantra, ‘If you can be anything, be kind,’ Lynette is all about helping others where she can.  “It’s not hard to be nice,” she says, “After studying narcissism and watching an increase of violence and violent behavior both online and on the streets, I made a conscious decision to make a positive difference any way I could, and wherever I could.”