Global Cut-A-Thon FAQs

The Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon is being held on Sunday 29th March 2020. Hair Aid will be running this event every year as its major fundraiser!

How does it work?

The 2020 Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon will be held in communities, towns and cities around the world.

Hairdressers will come together as teams all around the world, find a salon or space to work from and cut hair for donations.

Do I have to cut hair for 24 hours straight?

No. Teams can cut hair for as many hours as they choose, but the cutting must be done within the 24 hour period specified by Hair Aid.  Some salons participate in the Cut-A-Thon for three hours, some for six, some all day. Teams select the hours that suit them best. The exact timing will depend on your geographical location.

The cutting period will commence at 10.00am (AEST) on Sunday 29 March in Brisbane, Australia and run for 24 hours. Salons and independent hairdressers around the world will commence cutting based on how 10.00am AEST corresponds to their own timezone:


Cutting begins Sunday 29 March 12.01 am - Monday 30 March 11.59 am 

USA and Canada:  

Cutting begins (Eastern) Saturday 28 March 8.00 pm - Sunday 29 March 7.59 pm 

Cutting begins (Central) Saturday 28 March 7.00 pm - Sunday 29 March 6.59 pm

Cutting begins (Mountain) Saturday 28 March 6.00 pm - Sunday 29 March 5.59 pm

Cutting begins (Pacific) Saturday 28 March 5.00 pm - Sunday 29 March 4.59 pm


Cutting begins Sunday 29 March 1.00 am - Monday 30 March 12.59 am 


Cutting begins (QLD) Sunday 29 March 10.00 am - Monday 30 March 9.59 am

Cutting begins (NSW, VICTORIA, TASMANIA, ACT) Sunday 29 March 11.00 am - Monday 30 March 10.59 am

Cutting begins (NT) Sunday 29 March 9.30 am - Monday 30 March 9.29 am

Cutting begins (SA) Sunday 29 March 10.30 am - Monday 30 March 10.29 am

Cutting begins (WA) Sunday 29 March 8.00 am - Monday 30 March 7.59 am

New Zealand:

Cutting begins Sunday 29 March 1.00 pm - Monday 30 March 12.59 pm

How do I plan for a Cut-A-Thon in my salon?

Hair Aid has developed an Action Plan with some tasks that you can follow. It's set out so that you can begin planning twelve weeks prior to the event, but it is easily modified if you sign up with less weeks to plan.  

Can you explain how a Cut-A-Thon runs in easy terms?

Salons gather a team of hairstylists that can come together for an agreed time during the Global Cut-A-Thon period and cut hair for donations. A space to hold the Cut-A-Thon is decided on - and usually salons use their own premises.  Salons sign up to participate in the event on Hair Aid's web page. There is no cost to sign up.

Hair Aid will contact the salon once they are signed up and send out an Action Plan to help salons prepare. 

Awareness of the world wide event is done through the Hair Aid social media pages, newspapers, television as well as on the salon's own social media accounts. Hair Aid will supply participation social media images for individual salons to use. Hair Aid will help salons write to their local newspapers and television stations to get coverage of the salon's participation in the event. 

Existing salon clients and community members are asked to book an appointment to visit the salon on the day to get their hair cut and the salon will donate the money for the service to Hair Aid. 

I'd like to start raising funds before the Cut-A-Thon day. Is this possible?

In the lead up to their Cut-A-Thon many salons seek local donations and run raffles. Raffle tickets are sold prior to and on the day.

On the day monies are donated for haircuts and blow drys.  All monies raised are donated to Hair Aid to support the work Hair Aid does (but only monies raised via actual haircuts are eligible for the Guinness World Records).

I'm a solo hairdresser. Can I participate?

Yes, absolutely. There's two ways you can participate. Firstly you can do the haircuts on the day from your own salon alone. Many people are happy to do this. Or - you can join in with another salon and work with their team for the day.  

I can't do the haircuts on the day. Can I do it a day earlier or later?

Yes, but haircuts done outside of the 24 hour period cannot be counted towards the Guinness World Record attempt.

Do I pay staff for the event?

The concept of the Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon is volunteers using their skill to support the work Hair Aid does. Volunteers donate their time on the day. If you decide you want to pay your staff as usual on the day, this is up to you. 

How much should I charge clients?

On average salons charge between $40 and $50 for a haircut and blowout. This seems to work well for many salons.  We understand that every location is different. We have some barber shops doing men's cuts for $15. We are happy to entrust you with making the best decision for you and your clients. Some salons charge their normal prices on the day. It's up to you, but we can provide a guide/help you decide if you'd like support in pricing your Cut-A-Thon efforts.

I'm a salon owner hosting other staff in my salon, what are my responsibilities?

If you are hosting other staff in your salon, please be mindful of ensuring everyone working with you has the right to work in that location/country, is qualified to be a hairdresser per your local laws/regulations and is of good character. Hair Aid is not responsible for assessing the suitability of solo stylists joining other salons on the day.

What is the process for solo stylists wanting to join a salon on the day?

Once sign-ups for the 2020 Global Cut-A-Thon event are underway we will know which locations are willing to host other stylists on the day. We will then post these opportunities on the Hair Aid Facebook pages where solo stylists may express interest and be connected directly to the salon to see if it might be a fit for them to work together during Cut-A-Thon.

I'm a stylist wanting to join a salon, what are my responsibilities?

Please discuss this with the salon hosting you, to ensure you are both comfortable with what's expected. Minimum requirements would be ensuring you are authorized to work in the location/country the salon is in, are a qualified hairdresser per local regulations and are of good character. 

We are a TAFE / Registered Training Organisation / Beauty School can we participate?

Yes. We encourage all Australian TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations to sign up and run their own Cut-A-Thon. In our 2019 event we made special arrangements with many TAFEs (that do not open on Sundays) to run their Cut-A-Thon on a more convenient date. Their funds do not count towards the Guinness World Records attempt, but they are a valuable contribution towards Hair Aid's work. We also run our annual TAFE Awards, which in 2020 will be opened to RTOs as well. This is a fantastic opportunity for hairdressing students and staff members to be recognized for their efforts in project leadership, social media, event marketing and event planning. Industry leaders will judge and award the 2020 Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon Awards.