Elisha Phillips

With more than 21 years of experience working for the Queensland Government in Administration and Executive Assistant roles Elisha understands government requirements,  policy, and procedures, legal requirements, reporting, and compliance.  Having developed extensive organizational frameworks for project management, development, human resources,  and specific legal requirements from legislation Elisha is recognized as an expert in her field.

Roles included working at the executive level to prepare financial statements, reports, government memos, invoices, letters, and other documents, filing as per security and privacy legislation and retrieving corporate records, documents, and reporting for compliance. Elisha was selected as a lead executive on strategic initiatives to implement government policy from legislation as well as a cross-discipline committee mentor for numerous government agencies. Elisha also has extensive knowledge of logistical aspects of an executive’s travel for government officials, including security details, press requirements, and logistics.

Establishing a private Real Estate Property Management Elisha was the responsible person registered with the Government to establish, facilitate and manage a Property Management Trust Account.  Qualified with Professional Development Cert IV  in Real Estate Agents License Cert IV in Training and Assessment,  Professional Development in Conflict Resolution,  Professional Development in Team Building,  and RSA Certificate.  Sixteen years managing a team of five staff her duties included maintaining an office setup that optimized workflow, installed online booking services, managed trade people and coordinated service delivery and property owners outcomes.

Working with a client/customer/tradesman database of over 1000 Elisha has extensive demonstrated experience in engaging in Property Management conflict resolution processes to successfully resolve issues for owners/tenants and tradespeople. This included writing court briefs and attending to represent owners. Compliance of small claims court reporting and providing written reports of outcomes was completed. Elisha’s experience is renowned and was selected as a Lecturer in Real Estate Licensing for a number of years for the PRET Training Organisation.

Being a member of the Business Network International Sunshine Coast group a number of awards were given for her contribution to the group for referrals and commitment to the group. Having built up a successful business to sell to achieve early retirement and a life of travel sees Elisha in a position to give back with her skills in management, reporting, and administration.