Soul House of Hair

Welcome to the Soul House.

A Boutique Eco & Organic Salon located in the heart of Tamborine Mountain, a space where you will be treated, honoured and transformed, not only your hair but ALL of you.

Using only DeLorenzo, Everescents and Clever Curl, supporting Australian made and owned. With Clever Curl being a Curly girl method approved product range.

We are an; Australian Hairdressing Council Green certified salon, DeLorenzo Aspya members, meaning we are held to the highest level of education and service standards in the Hairdressing industry; Sustainable Salon members, where 95% of our salon waste is repurposed, continuing to strengthen that aspect of the salon have solar panelling, tank water and a salon worm farm.

Our Soul Operators are all Master stylists and experts in their field, not only trained in how to transform hair but how to transform your soul as well. We take pride on providing the highest level of service to our guests, including relaxation techniques, essential oils, healing tea and much more.

Our owner Krystal is Passionate about the hair industry and what it offers to not only the students she teaches how it transcends into the community and the world. This is why we host work experience students from a wide variety of training organisations, assisting in inspiring the next generation. Community is also a part of our Soul culture, this is why we sponsor Hair Aid inc. . A non for profit charity, lead by volunteer hairdressers, including our team here at Soul House. Travelling internationally teaching 5 day haircutting programs to people in slum communities of third world countries, as well as in our own back yard, with HACCS (Hair Aid Community Cuts), gifting complementary haircuts to homeless and those who are in need, every 6 weeks.


ECO - Sustainable - Vegan - Organic - Australian Owned and Manufactured

We have a wonderful team of stylists at Soul House of Hair that give you the best customer service with a personal touch. We create your own personal style while listening to your requirements.

We strive to create a relaxing and friendly environment, and have you leaving us with a smile on your face and a great look. We will continue to strive to bring you the most Certified Organic and natural products available for the health of you and our staff without compromising on results and this is our mission.

I want to thank my Husband & incredible Team Past & Present, Ash, Shannon, Lindsey & Henry (The Soul pup). We are all truly blessed that you have been a major part of the Support & success of Soul. ⠀
To my invisible team, ⠀
✨Jacqui our plant lady who kept our salon green and our heads sane.⠀
✨Debbie our pillar of strength and stylist who looked after our salon and clients when we needed her. ⠀
✨Joanne from Scenic Social Marketing, our Social Media Queen, for digitising our vision⠀
✨ Selina our Hair Aid Charity CEO, & Business Advisor you are amazing. ⠀
✨ Pania Houlihan from Profit Worx, the most incredible accountant you not only helped me create amazing things, you taught me how to not be afraid of numbers.
✨ Maha From Rizvan for your incredible Skin care and passion,⠀
✨ Casey, Angela, Stacey & Julie our Delorenzo family couldn’t have done this without you.⠀
✨ The YMCA & Skilling Queenslanders For work for trusting us to inspire the next gen in our salon. ⠀
✨ Tamara Devita from Sustainable Salons, Supporting our ethos & vision⠀
✨ Rebecca Mccleod Australian Hairdressing Council for helping us rise to the Highest Industry standard and business practices ⠀
✨Luke, Nat, Leah & team from Ethical Brand Co for our Kick ass Clever Curl and Everescents support, ⠀
✨Norris Bundall for getting us out of trouble when we were too busy to breath. 
✨Ruth & Jeff Baldwin for your endless support and help in the salon. ⠀
✨Sam From Tamborine Mountain Coffee PLantation for keeping our clients ethically caffeinated. ⠀
✨Fahreen Ali and BO Wong for our incredible handmade healing tea.
To all of the Local Business owners, your support is cherished and invaluable. ⠀
Sammy Jo from Edge Hairdressing who went above and beyond her abilities as a local salon owner, to support and help navigate our client transition seamlessly.⠀

Anyone else If I have forgotten you im sorry, there is so many of you it takes a village to make a business successful & i am am proud of what we have achieved. ⠀

A Massive Thank you to our Tamborine Mountain, Village, Scenic Rim Community & those who travelled far and wide your business was very appreciated and we will forever be grateful.

Final words,
“ Dare to be different, step outside of your own 4 walls, talk to the neighbour beside you, give because you can, because it makes a difference, When they tell you you can't, do it anyway surprise them, Push Boundaries, show compassion and support to all those you meet, don't get angry rise and let those see you shine, don't compete collaborate, only speak words of truth and of gratitude, lead by example, Be a active community member, get involved, know your customers they are human, be human with them, be kind no excuses, whether the person next to you agrees or not, do you, Be tenacious, live by your ethos, your standards, your integrity, Always! People will remember, not what you said, not what you did, but how you made them feel.
I am Krystal White Owner of Soul House of Hair, let us celebrate and reflect on what was Our House - Soul House as we leave a piece of our Soul with you”.