Intercoiffure New York City

So today I sit and work from the hotel lobby in New York City as I prep for some stage time at the Intercoiffure New York City event.

While the rain beats down on the windows, and I watch the people scurry in with raincoats and umbrellas I'm thankful I'm already inside, safe and warm.

There's lots of 'hair' here already. Groups of people are greeting each other, complimenting each other on recent successes and admiring their current hair styles and colours.

These groups obviously know each other and the excitement of sharing the next few days together creates an energy that projects excitement and passion and is real.

So, what am I doing here, the non-hairdresser, the outsider, the one who needs ALOT of help with styling her hair?

Well, I'm here to stand on stage and tell the world all about Hair Aid.

This opportunity to share what Hair Aid is and what Hair Aid does is huge.  Being able to make connections with the decision makers of product companies and hair and beauty industry leaders did not happen overnight.

This is the accumulation of 8.5 years work and it is because of all the work each and every person has dedicated to Hair Aid since it began.

I'm here to share the story and I'm here to gather support and I'm here to be meet others that are passionate about the hair and beauty industry.

I am honoured and humbled and grateful for this opportunity and I'm absolutely thrilled to be the spokesperson that shares the Hair Aid story ....

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