Helping Through Hair Cuts

Marcel Cantu reports on the work of Hair Aid, an organisation working give vocational hair dressing skills and qualifications.

Hair Aid is an international project that is changing the world through cutting hair. This organisation works globally with economically developing countries and pairs professional hair dressers with individuals looking to learn vocational skills. Hair Aid’s mission is to develop career skills in poor areas providing at risk and poverty stricken people with the skills to earn an income. Hair Aid currently runs training sessions in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, with their first trips to Chiang Mai happening this past week. As Hair Aid begins their work with Chiang Mai institutions, the company is looking to partner with more organisations when they return this coming September.

CEO and founder of Hair Aid Inc, Selina Tomasich explains that, “our core service is coming to developing countries and providing free training in hairdressing.” Hair Aid recruits volunteers from the beautician industry to teach a five day course to individuals in need of vocational skills. During this five day time span, participants will learn five different hair cuts, and upon graduation are given certification as well as a kits that allows them to begin their practice. In hopes to reach more people through their work, Tomasich petitioned that, “We want to partner with organisations that are already supporting people in need and empower these organisations with vocational training.” Additionally, Hair Ais is not looking for long term partnerships but wants to equip communities with skills and materials to be self-sufficient in order to continue business and training independent of the organisation of Hair Aid.

This goal for independent sustainability can be seen clearly incorporated within Hair Aids recent work with Asia’s Hope, an organisation that provides children’s home for hill tribe orphans in Doi Saket. Hair Aid connected five beauticians with eighteen adults that oversee the children’s homes and act as house parents. Niall Mcnulty, a 26 year old hair stylist and UK Hair Aid ambassador explained the three fold benefits of their training stating that, “Some students will go on to teach others how to be hairdressers. Some will be able to help the organisation save money by cutting the children’s hair, and overall people are more able to create their personal look and fashion.” This partnership exemplifies Hair Aids goal to work with local organisations and give them the necessary training to continue generations of income using the acquired skills.

If you are a Chiang Mai based organisation who would like to partner with Hair Aid, contact Seline Tomasich at .

Establishments that work with Hair Aid will encounter no personal costs, as Hair Aid volunteers personally fund their trips and supply materials necessary for the training themselves.

If you would like to learn more about Hair Aid or donate to their cause visit their website

They can also be found on social media on instagram at @hairaidinc or on facebook at Hair Aid.