Harvey girl to volunteer in Indonesia for Hair Aid Program

A Harvey girl will soon be snipping for a good cause as she prepares to take part in the Hair Aid volunteer program later this year.

Hairdresser Melissa Pinzone will be travelling to Indonesia to work with individuals who have been rescued from sex trafficking and are living in poverty.

The 21-year-old says teaching them these new skills could enable them to earn money and potentially start their own micro hairdressing business.

“You do five haircuts over five days and you teach them skills and techniques that could help them to establish a career in hairdressing and make a living,” she said.

“I’m so privileged to be able to do courses to improve my hairdressing here in Australia, whereas people in developing countries don’t always have that opportunity.”

Ms Pinzone said her boss Stephanie Harwood at Hair Bar + Me participated in the program in Cambodia several times and inspired her to take part and give back.

“I woke up two week ago and really felt that I needed to do this because I like teaching people and helping others,” Ms Pinzone said.

Ms Pinzone qualified in January last year after a three-year hairdressing apprenticeship. She said she wanted to be a hairdresser from a very young age.

The Harvey girl said hairdressing makes her feel empowered because she can help people feel beautiful and confident.

“I enjoy making people feel good about themselves, I love when they look in the mirror and say wow.”

She will set off to Indonesia in September to take part in the program and is currently raising funds at her Bunbury salon.