Jenny Lynch has not only been teaching Australia’s up and coming hairdressing industry professionals, but has also been giving free haircuts to the homeless and disadvantaged residents in Caboolture.

“I’ve always wanted to volunteer and was fortunate to find an opportunity with Hair Aid whereby I could use my skills to make a difference in my community,” Jenny said.

“We all know the saying, ‘You’re only as good as your last haircut’, and well having a hair cut can make a person feel really good about themselves.

“I’ve been volunteering for around two years with Hair Aid and every six weeks three other local hairdressers and I set up a makeshift salon in the local park. We’ve probably given about 200 haircuts since I first started,” she said.

Hair Aid works closely with Caboolture’s Community Action Group and volunteers like Jenny all work together to support local residents in need.

“For many families in my community the financial stress and pressures of living day-to-day takes a real toll and for the short time they see me it’s a chance for them to relax and recharge, along with use the money they’ve saved to go and buy the week’s groceries for their children or pay their bills,” Jenny said.

“Helping my community with something that doesn’t cost me anything and can often make a huge difference is incredibly rewarding.

“There’s nothing quite like giving the gift of making someone feel amazing,” she said.

According to Jenny, she was born to be creative and found hairdressing a natural fit.

“I’ve been hairdressing for over 20 years now and still really enjoy it,” Jenny said.

“I’ve come full circle; I started my apprenticeship at TAFE and now, after gaining a few years’ experience travelling the world working and teaching, I’ve found myself back at TAFE and teaching in the same training salon I first started in.

“I love teaching and sharing my passion for hairdressing so I guess I’ve got the dream job,” she said.