Hair Aid and Shortcuts Partner to Help Salons In Need

Hair Aid, an Australian non-profit that facilitates charitable endeavours around the world, and Shortcuts, a leading software and technology juggernaut, have joined forces to make it easy to donate directly to support salons in need. Participating Shortcuts salons can now collect a small donation on each transaction through their point of sale system, to be donated to Hair Aid in support of their philanthropic programs.

The partnership names participating salons #HairAidHeroes, which can be utilised in Shortcuts marketing materials and shared with salon communities. This includes window decals and in-salon signage, as well as updated email templates and social media posts.

The programs this month are dedicated to supporting Melbourne salons, which have been fully closed since early August due to stage 4 lockdown, with a proposed opening date of October 26. This affects the entire hairdressing community, from owners to staff, suppliers, partners, children and clients.

Funds collected by Shortcuts salons are redirected to those unable to access JobKeeper and hairdressers that are financially suffering during this time. Hair Aid converts these donations to e-vouchers for Coles and Woolworths and gives them to to the relevant salons that request this help

The program will help the many hairdressers who don’t have access to JobKeeper and government assistance, and those that are struggling without negotiated rent reductions or without business grants. Every hairdresser and salon owner is in a different position through the lockdown. Some have withdrawn their own personal super to pay staff or taken out loans or increased their debt to stay afloat. This initiative will help those truly in need with financial aid given to those that are struggling.

Hair Aid continues to help the wider hair community and more when it’s needed, and now, with Shortcuts on board, it couldn’t be easier to be a part of it and do your part.

If you are a Shortcuts salon and would like to register to become a #HairAidHero, visit

For more information visit