Friends of Hair Aid

What is Hair Aid?

The Hair Aid Charity being one of Australia’s biggest charities is a non-profit organisation which seeks to protect families living in poor conditions in the poorest countries. Volunteering, being the statement of the business, they eagerly thrive and rely in taking the initiative to support these low-income families in having the capability to provide food, clothing and housing for their families, also seeking to teach livelihood skills. As owner of this cooperation, Selina Tomasich focusses primarily on the residents of Quezon City, Manila, Her biggest commitment is sending teams of hairdressers to this country in order to empower street people with skills in haircutting enabling them to have a possible career to financially support themselves and their families.

As organisations and businesses constantly evolve and change, The Hair Aid Charity has successfully achieved this which is seen through their progress throughout the years. As the project began in 2012 when Selina Tomosich (Owner of Hair Aid) and her husband travelled to Manila, they met and spoke to two nuns that’s worked for an enterprise that supported children left on the streets with no visible means of support. A request was made to establish a training centre to do with sewing but later, in 2011, another request was made, this time in hairdressing as the sewing training centre was successful in training 17 families. Finally, in 2015, the haircutting training began, beginning with 40 families and further increasing to 80 in 2013 and 77 in 2015.

Through commitment and taking the initiative, The Hair Aid Charity has successfully expanded their organisation which is seen through statistics. For example, in 2015, Hair Aid is expanding to do the same program in Australia. Working with the long term unemployed and the homeless Hair Aid Inc. plans to conduct four Australian training programs providing the opportunity to use this experience as a stepping stone into a TAFE course or an apprenticeship.

The purpose of the Hair Aid charity is to “Empower street people with skills in hair cutting, enabling them to earn a living, to buy food, water and provide shelter for themselves and their children.” The Hair Aid charity “empowers” these people by sending teams of volunteer hairdressers to Quezon City, Manilla. Over the 5 day course the families will learn the skills needed for hairdressing. Once the people finish the training program they can earn money from cutting hair to look after their families.

The charity Hair aid is a non-profit organization. They rely on volunteer workers, sponsors and charity donations from the general public to fund their activities. The Hair Aid charity and volunteer workers teach those living in poverty stricken areas basic hairdressing skills. After the training program those who participate in the courses can apply for jobs in hairdressing and make money to house and feed them and their families. More information on the Hair Aid charity can be found on their website, or you can contact the Hair Aid project leader Selina on +61 423 923 434. The Hair aid Charity also has Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Through believing what will make the world a better place, The Hair Aid Charity has been successful in being innovative, adaptive, sustainable and prepared in implementing changes within their organization. They have brought hope to those living in the Quezon City of Manilla, those living in Shanty towns, in poverty stricken areas. Their programs have provided opportunities for these street people, teaching them skills in order to have an occupation and gain self-sufficiency.

By Denita, Alice F