Denman PH, Hair Aid empower women through joint livelihood program

A beautiful haircut offers more than just a boost of confidence, it can, in fact, also serve as an inspiration and source of livelihood for people in need.

Iconic hairbrush brand Denman and nonprofit organization Hair Aid headed to Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon in Novaliches with Denman Philippines Ambassadors Lourd Ramos and Anton Papa and Hair Aid volunteers headed by Lisa Polini to mount a two-week long free workshop on haircutting.

More than 25 participants gathered at the barangay’s basketball court of for the community program, which offered unemployed men and women the opportunity to learn new skills for livelihood.

Hair Aid, established in 2010, has been offering its services in Metro Manila and has been working with Denman Philippines for the past three years. Since its inception, Hair Aid has helped over 2,300 individuals in Quezon City, and in its recent tour, aims to train 210 more.