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Here is a suggested list of what to pack. Try to stick to 10 kilos baggage, because the rest of your luggage is usually for Hair Aid resources!

What to pack

CLOTHES: Casual unbranded Tshirts, underwear, 3 x long shorts/ long skirts/harem pants, rubber flip flops for the shower, socks, shoes you can throw out afterwards (Hand Foot and Mouth disease is currently in Indonesia), hat (you will get a Hair Aid hat too!), casual clothes for evening / dinner outings.

OTHER: Medicines *Letter from Doctor needed*, sunscreen (I buy there), mossie
repellent bands (or buy lotion there), baby wipes (or buy there), toiletries
(minimal), drink bottle (or buy there).

TECHNOLOGY: Mobile phone, chargers for mobiles / computers, powerboard (to
recharge phones).

TRAVEL: Passport, Travel documents in print, COVID Vacination forms in
print, Hotel booking letter in print

Tools to pack:

We are always needing second-hand hairdressing tools. 

We ask all volunteers coming on a project to ask their Hairdressing friends if they have any old scissors they would like to donate. We will then get these sharpened on-site, and use these in the training. In addition to this, we are always needing hairdressing capes. If everybody could pack 10 old capes, once again asking your networks to donate their old ones.

If anybody has old dolly heads, please bring these. These are great tools to use, and it doesn’t matter what length of hair is still left on them. We can always use dolly heads.

Water spray bottles are always needed, if you have any old ones that are no longer using your salon, please bring these. This also goes for any hair clips and combs that are no longer being used. 

Other items to pack:

You will be surrounded by children at the location. The children love colouring books and pencils crayons and any drawing tools. They love balloons, they love bubble blowing toys, and they love little bracelets. If you have any young children reading books, these can be donated to the local school.

On graduation day, it is sometimes nice to give a little gift from yourself to your trainees. Do not have to do this, as they receive their scissor kit and another graduation gift from Hair Aid. However, many volunteers do like to give a small gift, and sometimes it is easier to bring these from home.  This does not need to be much, a cotton bracelet, a card, a pen, a keyring, a hair clip, combs, playing cards, small mirrors, a makeup purse, lipstick or nail polish.  On average you will have between 20 and 25 trainees at your location.