International Projects

Hair Aid send teams of volunteer hairdressers to overseas locations to provide free hair cutting training to those living in critical poverty. They do this to provide an opportunity for people  in street and slum communities access free training, so they can learn a skill, and find a pathway out of poverty. We have been doing this work for the last eight years in the Philippines and Indonesia, and are now looking to expand to new communities around the globe. Our first Cambodia project commences in August 2018. In 2019, we add Thailand to our locations. If you are interested in any of these projects, please fill in the information below and I'll contact you personally via email with specific details.
Cambodia 20th - 24th August 2018
Indonesia 24th – 28th September 2018
Manila 7th – 11th January 2019
Manila 14th  –  18th January 2019 
Thailand 18th – 22nd March 2019
Manila 1st – 5th July 2019 Manila