Golden Ticket Competition


The Hair Aid Golden Ticket campaign encourages future professional stylists to engage in volunteerism with a specific task of supporting women trapped in critical unsafe circumstances.

Future professional stylists, studying at Paul Mitchell Schools can participate and engage in the three criteria and compete against other Paul Mitchell Schools future professionals to win the Golden Ticket prize.

The Golden Ticket prize consists of one ticket (1 x return airfares, all airport transfers, complete accommodation) to join the CEO of Hair Aid and the full Hair Aid team on the 26th August 2019 – 31st August 2019 where award winning stylists from around the world will gather for the Hair Aid five-day training project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia AND then travel directly with the CEO of Hair Aid to Bali Indonesia to complete the project there with a new Hair Aid team on the 2nd September – 6th September 2019. Sightseeing will be included in each location.

To enter the Golden Ticket participants must; be a currently enrolled Paul Mitchell School student and complete three criteria listed below:


Fundraising. Participants must engage in fundraising events and raise a minimum of $500. Fundraising can be a combination of in-store, on location, via networks, online, or via community organisations or private events. Fundraising will be completed from 1st June - 30 June 2019. Judging here is not on the total amount raised!


Participants must gain media awareness of the Hair Aid projects, and what is achieved with the training conducted. Media coverage in a combination of online, newspapers, magazines, school newsletters, community noticeboards, radio, television and/or other news media is required.


Participants must firstly identify, engage with, and then achieve strategic stakeholder involvement with the Hair Aid events. Strategic partnerships such as with community groups, individuals, companies, stockists, or suppliers.


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HAIR AID INC. ABN: 721 707 32477.