Jessica Tikka – Sweden Ambassador (2015 – 2019)

“What is a skill? Once you’ve got it, you can never lose it, no one can take it away from you and no one can make a perfect replica of it. The hours practicing and refining detail will make it grow. Every time you share it, it grows. You can never give away your own personal skill, what is shared will develop to the beholders personal interpretation.

In other words. Sharing skill can never be bad. Every time we share skill, we enrich and enable, at the same time our own skill grows. There is no skill too small, or to big to share. Skill provides. Skill creates community’s. Skill creates social belonging and security. Skill changes lives. Share your skill, and never be afraid to! Once you have it. It is forever yours to have! In a world full of greed, this is the one thing we can always afford!”

Annette Densham Australian– Hair Aid Volunteer

“Even when I think I don’t, I live a privileged life. I’m never hungry. I have a roof over my head. My kids are safe. So when Selina suggested I do a project, I thought I can do that.

I was not prepared for the profound impact it had on my life. The power of teaching someone a skill, one that changes their life in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’m in awe of the hairdressers who give their skill and the trainees who are hungry to learn. Hair Aid does more than teach hair cutting, they change communities.”

Rebecca McLeod Australian– Hair Aid Volunteer

“I thought an overseas project would not be an option for me and then I realised that the only thing stopping me was me! Once I made the decision to sign up, I was given so much support and ideas for fundraising and have now been on two international projects.

Working with Hair Aid is life changing, I now can’t imagine not planning my next adventure.”

Reg Law– USA Hair Aid Volunteer

“The Hair Aid Charity gave me more feeling of self-worth and achievement than all the success I have had in my blessed life as a hairdresser.

First, I traveled the world doing shows in Europe, Asia, and the USA, at the same time, developing and running nine salons in England from London down the M4 corridor. Then coming to the USA and establishing 16 hair salons, a barbershop, and academy, helping 500 team members with a career path.

None of this compares to being a part of a team that taught a group of young guys to cut hair. The lived in a graveyard under a tarpaulin. Teaching young women and men hairdressing skills will give them the opportunity to earn money taking them off the streets. They also receive hairdressing kits and ongoing education — eventually the chance to go to hair school.

Please join the Hair Aid Team Give Back, travel to exotic countries, and join other hairdressers from around the world and make new friends.”

Niall McNutly – UK Ambassador 2016 – Current

“Hair aid is an amazing way to use the skill of our trade and industry to help develop lives in communities suffering from critical poverty. Gifting The trainees you’ll meet on a project with this new skill will enrich their lives in ways far beyond you can imagine. The bonds created with others on projects will have you truly feeling part of the Hair Aid family.”

Emily Smith – Canadian Hair Aid Volunteer

“When one travels and sees the world you are blessed to have glimpses into other people’s lives. When you join Hair Aid for a project, you are embraced by community.

We not only teach the skills of haircutting, we give individuals something no one can take away from them, Education. It changes their lives and often allows them a way out of dire living circumstances. Just a few short days; those simple glimpses into people’s lives now become deep and meaningful bonds.

That small community you’ve been apart of with students, volunteers and your fellow stylist colleagues you just met a few days ago will now grow and span the globe as the “Hair Aid Family”.

These people will leave tiny footprints in your heart. Forever changed and leave you coming back for more.”

Myrna – USA Hair Aid Volunteer

“My name is Myrna.

I was one of the volunteers for the Hair Aid project in Manila (July 1-5, 2019). What I liked about the project was being with my incredible team. Being on the project, I was able to share my skills with our talented trainees.

When I joined the project, I had no expectations.  Everyone on the team is different, and I was able to share my knowledge, from my experience of 20 plus years of cutting kids’ hair at CARTOON CUTS!  

My advantage was being able to speak my language to the trainees (I am Filipino), but whatever language we speak, we have job to do–to train these communities in livelihood skills and hair cutting.

Thank you CARTOON CUTS and HAIR AID for the the opportunity–I had the great pleasure of meeting some incredible people.
Thank you!”

Byron Ball– Australian Hair Aid Volunteer

“It’s not just teaching haircuts…

it’s showing compassion, sharing stories and giving hope for a brighter future.”

Wanda Klune – Hair Aid Community Cuts Australia Volunteer

“I’ve been a volunteer hairdresser providing free haircuts for the vulnerable of Sydney for over 12 years.

​I do it because I know, if you feel better about yourself you will often make better decisions about your life.”

Jacqui Rogers – Australian Hair Aid Volunteer

“Your only regret will be not doing a project sooner.”

Jo Palmer – Tasmanian Ambassador (2014 – 2019)

“Hair Aid has changed me and given me the ability to encourage, show strength and possibilities to the strongest young girls that I have ever met!

To be able to be involved with this amazing organization and to see the faces come alive knowing they have a new future ahead…

Not enough words.

One of the best gifts I can give xxx

I am so grateful for my time with Hair Aid. The friendships that I have made are a big part of my life.”

Krystal-lee WhiteAustralian Hair Aid Volunteer

“Having the opportunity to attend a Hair Aid project changed my life and the way I view the world. It’s shown me the difference an education can make, especially when so many of us take for it granted. For our Hair Aid trainees,  education is a luxury, and very few have the opportunity to do get any sort of education. 

The ones that come along to our training, do so with great sacrifice, travelling long distance, going hungry, sleeping in the street, feeding their babies as they learn to cut. but they know they are learning something that can change their lives. In a country where everything can be taken away from them in a heart beat it is empowering knowing I have shared something no one can take away from them … education.  It’s in their heart and in their head … then in their hands.

Meeting new people from all over the world to share this experience is part of the power that is Hair Aid. It’s a movement that I’m honored to be a part of. Hair Aid is family and we can’t wait to meet you on a project one day.”

Doyle LavariasUSA Hair Aid Volunteer

“A few months ago, I stumbled on Hair Aid through IG “Instagram” and of course curiosity killed the cat, am I right? 

Well believe u me it didn’t kill me but it ignited something deeper inside me.

I got a better understanding of what a community is and what it really stands for no matter which station in life they’re in. 

I’ve witness people who have never picked up shears and comb to learn a different trade they are so foreign on.”

Natalie Jenkins –Australian Hair Aid Volunteer

“Life changing

We should be so grateful for what an amazing skill we as hairdressers have and what we can do to help change survivors into strong talented women!!!!”

Candice Thompson – USA Hair Aid Volunteer

“HAIR AID is so much more than just teaching haircuts. It’s giving direction, support, guidance, reassurance and encouragement to young girls who at this moment in their life need it most. Giving them an education, to create a better life for themselves and families. I’m proud of what we taught them in such a short time and I’m even more proud of how determined they were to learn it all plus more ! What these young girl will never realize is how much they taught me, I’m so grateful. To be apart of their journey is so special to me, I will cherish this experience & these girls will forever hold a place so so deep in my heart ❤️ “

Miss you Selina, can’t wait to see what’s in store for hair aid 2020 ! I’m hoping to make it on another project, Candice x 

Peter Rommel – Street Dweller (Manila)

“HairAid breaking the yoke of poverty one haircut at a time. Building Hope, Empowering the last, the least and the lost, by reviving the culture of caring and sharing” 

Brother Bong – Community Leader Manila

Poverty has various levels. From the very last and least like the homeless and the hungry to those who could barely make ends meet. Hair Aid trainees come from all levels. The skill Hair Aid brings and develops in them provides added income for some and for others, their only source of income. This skill builds hope in them. Hope that stops them from giving up and makes them dream again for themselves and for their children. But in addition to hope, the process of learning this skill from others and with others teaches them values. These values lead them to care for, share with and serve others. All together, hope and good values drive them to demand greatness in themselves and inspire greatness in others. Thus with each hair cut they offer free or at fee, Hair Aid trainees, armed with their hearts and scissors, help change the world.