I’m MJ Mangampo from the Philippines, 28 years old.

I give short story how Hair Aid changed my life and how Hair Aid give me encouragement to show to other trainees “people” that I can be a good hair dresser someday.

Last June 2017 Hair Aid team came here in Manila Philippines at Gk Sitio Pajo Brgy. Baesa district 6 in Quezon City. My wife Beth Mangampo, she is the one who assist the Hair Aid team and she is the one who pushed me to attend the hair cut training for 5 days. I was embarrassed because it’s to much long. Imagine 5 days for 8 hours I told Beth I cannot go because too much long hour but Beth told me “Mj go to the training because I know after the training they will give something like razor etc. Deep in my heart I was excited because of tools because I want to have that even just I scissor because I use paper scissor if I have to cut my wife hair in others words I go the training because of tools.but when I start to join, start to listen, start to watch how hair aid team teach the student I start to put in my heart and my mind even without tolls I finished the training.i meet ma’am Jessica Tikka she is the one inspired me because she never stop to give me tips how cut the hair and some technique. I kept my mind on the tools every day. I’m excited for Friday graduation day. We are excited/sad because the training end. It was surprised for me because hair aid team will always be my side until one day. I receive a text from David salon for interview it was a surprise for me because I never expect and this is my 1st job in salon the big salon in Philippines.

This is my happy day because hair aid team headed by ma’am Selina and ma’am Jessica never stop to help me until I start my job in David salon. I was  junior hair dresser until now.

Now i proud to say I’m here because of my hair aid family¬†and I’m now willing to help other like give free haircut and encourage other to attend hair aid training every time hair aid here in Philippines.