Selina Tomasich

Selina is the Founder and CEO fo Hair Aid, having established the organisation as a direct result of meeting two Nuns in a bar! Utilising her extensive business experience, along with her tertiary qualifications, Selina has grown Hair Aid to be a global brand, recognised and awarded throughout the hair and beauty industry as well as on a corporate level.

Mark Tomasich

Mark has been involved with Hair Aid since the first day Hair Aid began. Having attended 22+ projects in four countries, supporting numerous aspects of the planning, logistics, and execution, his depth of experience is extensive. With more than 30 years of experience in law, policing, policy and development of education and training his skills, with facilitating meetings with international government departments are well utilised.

Dianne Ross

Dianne Ross is the President and founder of a Charity organisation Harm Minimisation Strategics that commenced in 2009. Harm Minimisation Strategics vision is to support marginalised and vulnerable youth in making proactive and positive choices that can impact from drug, sex, or other harmful substances or activities. Her dedication to making the world a better place by making best choices is widely celbrated.

Steven Cottingham

Steven calls himself a ‘serial’ entrepreneur, a social enterprise advocate. His background includes volunteering with Nutritional Health Clinic in the Eastern Highlands Province PNG 1999. Volunteer with Canberra based ABV: Australian Business Volunteers where he was a returned volunteer and interviewer. Steven is a guest lecturer at Social Enterprise and CSR events at the Sunshine Coast University, as well as in the SSC University’s School of Nursing. H has a long history as a Business Advisory Board, Sunshine Coast University – Enactus program, and has been involved with Hair Aid since day one.

Elisa Phillips

Elise understands government requirements, policy, and procedures, legal requirements, reporting and compliance due to 21 years of experience working for Queensland Government in Administration and Executive Assistant roles. Having developed extensive organizational frameworks for project management, development, human resources, and specific legal requirements from legislation Elisha is recognised as an expert in her field.

Lynette Maguire

Dr. Lynette Maguire is the Chief Executive Officer of the charity, My Wedding Wish whose charter is to gift weddings to the terminally ill around Australia. Lynette is a Director of three NFPs, is a JP Magistrate hearing cases at Maroochydore Magistrates Court, and is dedicated to supporting others find a better pathway.