Hair Aid trains women and men living on the street or in slums, older youths, women rescued from the sex trade, mafia gangs and drug runners, basic hair cutting skills. We teach them five basic haircuts and we gift them a tool kit. With the skills they gain, and the tools given, they can create a micro business, that changes their lives.

The people that we train, would never, if not for the work we do, have a chance at learning a skill, to create a micro business, that earns money, to buy food, house their family, access clean water and improve their lives.

From training in one country, we now teach in four; Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand & Indonesia. We teach women in jail so when they are released, they do not have to go back to a life of prostitution, selling drugs or stealing to stay alive. They are now empowered, self sufficient and powerful.

Help us help others. Your donation goes directly to support this work.

87 Braids Fundraiser

This GivingTuesday, Hair Aid has something very special your organisation can be involved in 

What is GivingTuesday? It’s a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of radical generosity to transform communities around the world 

This year, on November 30, Krystal-lee White will have 87 braids created in her hair, and each one of these braids is being sold off for $100 to help Hair Aid raise money to help support the 87 Hair Aid Community Cuts locations throughout Australia! 

Benni Tognini will be the Master of Ceremonies on the day, shaving each braid, and giving a shout out to each and every braid purchaser!

Braids will be donated to Real Fringe Hair Bands, creating a hair band for an oncology or alopecia patient Hair Aid Community Cuts has been growing and growing and it’s time for us to restock our resources and pay for insurances for all 87 locations. Your generous support will help us do this!

Here’s your chance to Buy a Braid for $100, (or your organsation can buy a bunch of braids!) and support the work Hair Aid does.

With 12 days before the event, we are asking you to help us give back, and helping us continue to help others. We really need your help to make this event a success!