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Selina Tomasich


Selina Tomasich has extensive business experience in Project Management, Social Enterprise and developing brands from the ground up. Her working career includes more than a decade in the financial industry, 20+ years in Corporate Management, and working with social entrepreneurship enterprises.

Selina’s area of expertise is education, with 15+ years demonstrated experience lecturing at universities around the world from first year students up to Masters level. Her CV lists five university qualifications, with degrees in Business, Media, Communications, HR and Sociology. Selina’s passion for education saw her achieve a rarely awarded innovation patent for online educational technology, as well as developing eight educational apps to support high school and university students worldwide. She is passionate about supporting students and was awarded the Enactus Faculty Advisor for the year in 2012 for projects that create value in communities, as well as being nominated for Business Women on the year and has been presented to Lord Mayors, as well as industry experts with regards to her work.

Being a presenter at world forums, has allowed Selina to showcase student projects that change the world through community solutions.
She has mentored indigenous businesses for 18+ years and has a passion for sharing indigenous culture.
Selina is the Project Leader and founder of Hair Aid and has attended every project to date.