Pete Walstab


Pete has been heavily involved in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years. He began his apprenticeship at Efbee Hair Salon under then Australian Hairdresser of the Year Frank Burgemeestre. Peter spent 6 more years at Efbee before moving to Rok Hair Studio as a Senior Stylist.

Pete worked at Rok Studio for 5 years, and during this time he became an ambassador for Excellent Edges brand, conducting seminars and workshops around Australia. He also helped orchestrate the launch of Rok Edges scissors, which was a collaboration of Rok Hair and Excellent Edges.

Pete opened his own salon The Lab for Hair in 2001 and continued his ambassador role with Excellent Edges.

After 7 years of running his own business he made the big decision to step off the cutting floor and moved full time into a role as Marketing and Education coordinator for Excellent Edges. Pete then moved into the General Manger role and soon became a partner of Excellent Edges. Pete’s focus is now educating hairdressers worldwide on cutting hair and embracing the Excellent Edges Cutting Philosophy.

His skill set is unique,originally coming from a hairdressing role, to the last 9 years of being heavily involved in the manufacturing, design, and research for the product Excellent Edges promotes today.

During his time at Excellent Edges, the company has received worldwide recognition, having been a finalist for Business Performance of the Year for the last 6 years.
Excellent Edges has also been a finalist for Most Innovative Hair Tool for the last 2 years at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards for The Viper and the Mantaray.