Our Squad

The people that make it all happen

We cannot do it alone, hence why we have an amazing team of Ambassadors who have played an integral part of the Hair Aid journey.

Selina Tomasich

Selina Tomasich is an academic of 20 years. Selina’s day job teaching is at University. Selina uses her skills to plan, manage and facilitate projects as well as the Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCs) programs in Australia. Selina also speaks at events, sharing the message of Hair Aid to raise awareness and to build and secure networks with industry suppliers and sponsors.

Debbie Atkins
QLD Ambassador
Marcela Lastra
SA Ambassador

Marcela Lastra is Principal Stylist and owner of Longko Salon. This year marks 20 years of Marcela being in the Hairdressing industry. After working for some high-end boutique salons, Marcela started her own business 7 years ago.

She is an expert colour correctionist, and enjoys all facets of cutting, styling, wedding hair, barbering, editorial work and runways.

Peter Westab
VIC Ambassador

Pete Walstab has been involved in the hairdressing industry for over 25 years as a hairdresser, salon owner and now partner and General Manager of Excellent Edges. Pete’s role is based around education so when the opportunity arose to do more than just donate scissors to Hair Aid, he jumped at it. Pete’s role is the Victorian Ambassador for Hair Aid but when on project, floats between hairdressing and the livelihood skills of scissor and knife sharpening which he started with Russell Rentmeester from Excellent Edges.

Lisa Polini
WA Ambassador

Lisa Polini is a passionate and proactive Hairdresser/Barber born and bred in the West Coast.
Her motivation and drive to see the industry continually improve and strive for excellence, is a key ingredient to who she is and why she’s 100% devoted to helping others grow as artists.

Denise Xidias
NSW Ambassador

Denise Xidias is a teacher of Hairdressing and Beauty and a professional educator and trainer at TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute. She is committed to delivering the highest standard of skills and training for her students.